The poem Pastor Robin Weatherford's mother was reading to him when he accepted the Lord as his Saviour at the age of five.





The Boy Who Was Always Too Late

A bright-faced boy was Albert Ross,
Who came to Sunday school;
He helped us oft by kindly deeds
And was not hard to rule.

But one great fault the dear lad had,
His teacher tried to break,
For if it grew with him, she knew,
Much trouble it would make.

At work, at play, at Sunday school
He would be always late,
Until one night he had a dream
About a fast-closed gate.

He thought he walked along a road
To reach a distant hill
Where stood a mansion, grand and fair,
Secure from every hill.

His friends had bade him linger not
Along the flower-strewn way,
For when the shades of evening fell
And wrapped the day away

The door of that bright home would close,
Which now stood open wide,
So if he reached it not by day
He would be kept outside.

Far down the road, through shady trees,
Where walked a happy throng,
There floated to him on the breeze
A warning in their song.

"Come in, come in, whoever will
May enter through the door;
Jesus has died to make His Home
Thy Home for ever more.

He bids thee come and shelter now,
His safe protection take,
For when the night sweeps o'er the land
The Judgement storm will break."

Yet, Albert heeded not the song
"I still have time," he said,
"To play awhile by yonder stream."
So to its side he sped.

The hours passed on, and he forgot
The day was fading fast;
At length he ran to reach the door,
Lest he should be the last.

He saw it was about to close,
And raced to be in time.
"Wait! wait!" he cried; with failing breath
He tried the hill to climb.

Too late! The door was shut, and he
Stood outside in the night,
While friends and playmates all were safe
Within that Home of Light.

"Too late!" he moaned, and then awoke
To find it all a dream;
He dare not move, and shook with fear,
So terrible did it seem.

At last, out from his bed he crept
And knelt upon the floor;
"Dear Lord," he prayed, "Forgive my sins,
And save me ever more.

Then Jesus said, "'Tis not too late,
Come in just as thou art;
I wait to welcome those who come
To me with all their heart."

So Albert learned his lesson well,
And sought from then to be
In time-at school, at work, at play,
And for Eternity.

V. Reeson