You must agree with our statement of faith. 


We currently only host Teams of adults to do work such as construction or maintenance.

Other opportunities include after school Bible clubs, music lessons, Bible studies, youth ministry, or public school assemblies (30 minute program of songs and skits or puppet shows) to give the gospel.

At this time we cannot host medical mission teams.


We can comfortably accommodate 15-20 people in our two story church apartment which is connected to the church building and our Sunday School building which is next to it. 

In the church apartment there is a kitchen, a stove, refrigerator, pots and pans and utensils, etc . There also is a bedroom, two bathrooms, a small sitting area and large dining room downstairs. Upstairs are a large open bedroom and another small one. There are quite a number of beds, with sheets and pillows if you do not wish to bring your own. Upstairs is our girl's area, where all the girls stay.

In the Sunday School building we have two multi purpose rooms which we hold services in and one room with bunk beds and various other cots. This is where all the boys stay. There are also two separate bathrooms with 2 shower stalls and 2 toilet stalls and a washer and dryer. One bathroom is designated for the gentlemen/boys and is connected to their room, the other is for ladies/girls.


We do not supply the food. Groups either bring a designated cook or prepare their own food. There are wholesale grocery stores here to buy food and other necessary items, but you will have to keep in mind that the cost is double to triple the price in the USA because of duty and freight charges. You can also bring your own food, if possible. But is far more simpler and worth it to purchase your food here.


You must agree and adhere to certain guidelines we have for modest dress code and behaviour that may clash with the Bahamian or Haitian culture. We will send this info to you by email.


As for lodging, we do not ask anything for ourselves, as this is part of our ministry here. There are basic expenses to cover; such as electricity, transportation, and cleaning costs, etc. It is greatly appreciated and necessary to cover these expenses you will incur. However for college students and individuals not sponsored by a church we sometimes have to work out a different arrangement to provide for those costs. We'll need to discuss this before you come.

Please look at our Photo Album for more pictures!

There are so many children here in the Haitian communities and the Bahamian ones as well like these two who need to be shown Christ's love. Please pray for them!

"Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me." Matthew 18:5